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You can always work with Rod Technology brushes. We have developed various types of brushes, but absolutely nothing more than necessary. We only care about quality, durability and ease of use. If you are wondering why Rod Technology brushes are so special, be sure to read down further for more information about their features and applications. Have you ever heard of a brush to remove nests? And what about those hexagonal nylon whips from Rod Technology?

Brush Heads

The Hexagonal Power

A corner forms a sharp edge. Six corners thus form six sharp edges. This is a big advantage compared to the round whips in other systems. The Rod Technology brushes also have no hairs and the sweeping effect is therefore fully performed by the hexagonal nylon whips in the brush head. Depending on the brush, there are four, eight or even twenty-two nylon whips attached to a brush head.

Nice to say that you only have to replace the whips and not the entire brush head! They can be ordered in the webshop in rolls of 25 meters.

During rotary sweeping, the whips hit the walls of the channel. The long sides of the whip create a large interface and sand the walls clean. The 6 corners ensure a continuous scraping movement. Swipe left or right; the brushes are made for it. The thickness of the nylon whips is selected so precisely that they scrap in all channels. Nylon is strong, but soft enough not to damage a channel. Soot is no match for the nylon hexagons and even some tar attack will disappear. The hexagonal nylon whips are also easy to replace yourself.

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Hexagonal Brushes

Every Brush Has Its Purpose

Our 8mm and 10mm range is something special. With the specially developed ball brush and for the 10 mm the extra strong double ball brush with corresponding drill bits, this is the most flexible system imaginable. The 8 mm click rod is so flexible that you can literally bend this 1 meter long rod around to a circle. The 8mm click poles system is excellent for pellet hardening and the 10 mm series is the most used Rod Technology system for chimney sweeps.

These rods with brush fit through small openings of barely 50 mm. With this you can sweep channels from 50 mm to 150 mm and even larger, and that in an instant. The advantages: Can be used almost anywhere, light in weight and they move quickly through the channel without resistance. We simply can’t live without it anymore!

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Click 300mm Power Brush
Whip Brush

The whip brush
as a basis

We proudly present the basis of our brushes: the Whip Brush. The brushes fit on the Rod Technology click rods of 12 mm as well as 15 mm and 18 mm thickness. The brushes are supplied with a whip length of 300 mm and 600 mm, for channels with a diameter of 100 mm to 500 mm.

The 4 nylon whips ultimately create 8 excellent whip parts on the brush. With a drill at 300 revolutions per minute it is quickly swept more than 50 times in 1 place, the drilling speed determining the power of the cleaning. The whips that you can easily replace yourself ensure a system that is always fully functional. The sphere on the head of the brush core ensures smooth guidance through bends and along obstacles. The whip brush forms the basisof all your work and is a unique tool. Simple but so versatile – the real all-rounder.


Super Scraper Brushes

Super scraper brushes … that is also what they do, they scrape away heavy attack. They fit on all 12mm click rods as well as 15mm and 18mm rods. This brush is supplied with whip lengths of 300 mm, 600 mm or 900 mm. Developed for cleaning thick or heavy deposits in channels with a diameter of 100 mm to 650 mm. This brush has proved fantastic for removing bird and vermin nests!

The Super Scrub brushes have 8 nylon whips, creating 16 whip parts. At 300 rpm, more than 100 times are swept into 1 location without any channel damage. There are also short stiff nylon whips on the head that work effortlessly through strongly blocked channels. Even certain nests can be successfully removed. The whips to be replaced by yourself ensure a complete system. The sphere on the head of the brush core provides guidance through bends and along obstacles. This Super scraper brush is the all-rounder among the nylon brushes.

This brush has recently got a new brother. The DELUXE Super Scrub. There are even more whips with different lengths that therefore have an even better effect in square flues. Square flues may even be larger than 600 mm. This Deluxe Super Scrub brushes has 12 nylon whips, creating 24 whip parts, and can be configured 300/600 to allow maximum cleaning of a flue, and yet short enough to clean a bird guard.

Super Scraper Brush

Brute Force

The nest brush can best be described as the versatile brute or savage. If this brush is inserted into a nest with its steel cables, it will easily tear the entire nest to shreds. Branches and other material are crushed or broken between the steel cables and the walls of the flue. The faster the drill turns, the more violent the brute force of this nest brush. Jobs that normally last for hours can now be done in a few minutes.

The 4 steel cables are 600 mm long and thus create 8 cable parts of 300 mm each. In round or square flues, it is completely in its shape. But do not use it in flexible linings, stainless steel flues or in thin metal ducting.

The Bird nest remover has two companions; the nest punch and the power loop.
The Nest punch has the same amount of steel cables, however it uses much stiffer wire, so has an overall length of 200mm. this tool is what can only be described as short and compact and packs a bigger punch than you would expect.
The power loop, is a very good tool for scraping tar from square and round clay liners.
Be aware that the strands are consumable products and will fray with use.


8 mm is often sufficient

The bullet brush owes its name to the resemblance to the shape of a pistol bullet. This brush has been specially developed for the 8mm range from Rod Technology. The double bullet brush is developed for the 10 mm poles. All other brushes fit on the thicker sizes of click rods larger than 10 mm. The bullet brush is a highly effective tool with the four nylon whips turning as fast as the drill can handle.

Because of its small size, it fits everywhere, from 40 mm to 150 mm. But it is also frequently used in larger channels. Moreover, the stove or the combustion device often does not even have to be removed. You can usually sweep through the heater directly into the flue. Standard with 300 mm long whips or to be adjusted to personal preference with slightly longer whips. The twin bullet brush has 4 strands and is 450mm, so it is much better at cleaning the larger (125-150mm) flues. The bullet range can sometimes become your favourite brushes from the Rod Technology range.

Brush Head
Click Chain Tar Remover

Creosote Removal, Thick Chain for a big problem

The chain brush is what you expect … a brush with chains. Due to the speed of the drill, these chains strike the walls of the channel contaminated with creosote. Removing creosote becomes child’s play and a “fat” problem disappears in no time. Even from tar deposits you can often clean the channel with this chain brush. A super solution for overdue maintenance!


We Cannot Make It Simpler

All Rod Technology brushes can be assembled and disassembled by yourself. You can easily replace whips, cables and chains. So you don’t have to buy a whole new brush. Brush heads can be arranged as desired with combinations of cables, whips, etc.

It is important that the protruding parts of the whip, chain or stainless steel cable are always the same length. all pieces must therefore be of the same length. Rotary cleaning is based on the centrifugal force. That operation is only possible if the centre (the brush core) is really in the centre of the nylon whips or stainless steel cables. This is easily and quickly achieved in practice.

Brush Connector

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