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The rotary power sweeping system requires a solid connection with the cordless drill. These and multiple applications require not only a solid transport bag but also solid, durable accessories. You may want to link a small click rod to a large click rod. Or maybe you want to link another manufactured brush or rods that you already own to the Rod Technology system. Possibly because you want to increase the variation or do not want to just put aside your previous purchases. To support you in this, we have made fittings that are designed so that the Rod Technology system can be used without limits. As a result, our system can often be combined with existing systems. Below you can read everything about these fittings that have been developed by Rod Technology.


A drill bit that fits!

A solid drill bit has been designed to make rotary power sweeping possible. The drill bit fits into any cordless drill or screwdriver with a standard chuck. The drill bit has been developed WITH and WITHOUT a click button for every click rod size. The two small drill bits only fit on the 8 mm and 10 mm rods. The two large drill bits fit on the 12mm, the 15mm, and the 18mm click rods.

The drill bit WITH click button is usually used for sweeping from above. The click button prevents the click rod from falling into the flue being cleaned. When adding an additional click rod, the click button of the drill bit must be pressed to disconnect it.

The drill bit WITHOUT click button is used to sweep horizontally or from below. Our system has also been especially pre-developed there. The rods will remain on the drill bit due to their weight. Adding a rod is then simple and very fast. The drill bit WITHOUT button also has two flat sides, making it easier to align with the click rods. Time is money isn’t it …

Drill bit fitting

If something is lost,
hook it out!

The hook is an attachment that can be placed on the rods. Its application is to pull out rods left by skilled workers in the flue.

Individual parts or nests can also be removed with this hook. However, rotating / electrical use of the hook is not permitted!


Link old and new

In order to be able to link your previously purchased brushes or rods to the Rod Technology system, we have developed suitable adapters. This allows most sweeping products from a different manufacturer to be linked to the Rod Technology system. A valuable solution, because you don’t have to throw away anything that still functions well. Rod Technology is happy to think along with you.


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