5 piece sponge set

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This set of 5 sponges allows you to seal openings in a variety of applications. It has a verity of sponges that allow you to seal most appliances and give you sweeping access without the need to tape up everything. The sponges allow sealing of most stoves, open fires, and soot doors. The first three sponges (listed in sizes) combine in any combination to seal most open fires. These sponges allow for the quickest and safest way to seal up an appliance without the hassle of sweep sheets and masses of expensive tapes! This set contains five sponges which can be used in any configuration, to speed up the sealing process whilst containing soot and dust effectively.

Sponge Sizes (in CM):
45 x 45 x 18
45 x 18 x 18
45 x 18 x 13
32 x 32 x 18
25 x 25 x 18


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