Camera Holder

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The screw on cap not only keeps the wired camera away from the sides of the flue but also protects the lens. In addition, the cap also has a grub screw that locks onto the central shaft to ensure the safe use. Furthermore, this enables the head to turn both left and right for better viewing angles.

The central shaft of this product will hold the CCTV wired camera, without the cap attached. The shaft comprised of a housing for the wired camera and a grub screw to hold the camera in place. There are two holes for insertion of strands which you tighten using another grub screw located within the shaft. In this configuration, you can access the tightest of flues. Please be aware you must be aware that the lens of the camera is exposed, so you must take care.

The system allows forward facing live viewing of the flue or duct being surveyed.

This item is not to be used for sweeping the flue in any way and is only for use with the CCTV camera system which is sold separately (camera not included).

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