Click 300mm Power Brush

71.45 Excluding VAT

This 300mm Power Brush fits onto the Click rod system. Allowing you to do the day to day cleaning of smaller flues, yet producing the cleanest results possible. It can fit through a narrow gap such as throat-plates and dampers fitted without sweeping access points. It also can fit through most firebox openings without the need to remove the plate. This excellent Head/Whip/Brush is able to clean flues 100-200mm (5 to 8 inches). The heads contain nylon which aids the sweeping of chimneys cleanly. They are six-sided strands which generate flat sides to enhance the cleaning process. As the heads can turn clockwise and anti-clockwise they are able to sweep chimneys with ease.

The nylon strands in the 300mm Power Brush are very simple to replace. Therefore, the heads will last for years making them more cost-effective than traditional equivalents. Furthermore, you only need a small selection of heads to cover most of your day to day cleaning needs saving you both space and time. You no longer need to carry the vast range of brushes required to traditionally sweep.

They also have the advantage of expanding to fit the chimney ensuring the head stays centralised and gives more contact than the old system. In Flues greater than 200mm (8 inches) it is advisable to use the 600mm Power Brush instead of this 300mm Power Brush.

If the flue you are sweeping is rectangular you must ensure that you use one direction going up the flue and the reverse coming down. You may also have to repeat this process a couple of times to ensure the best clean a large flue can ever get.

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