Click 600/300mm Super Scrub Deluxe

109.53 inc. Vat | 89.05 ex. Vat

Building on the success of what has been the industry’s go to brush since it’s unveiling in 2010 we would like to present the 600/300mm Super Scrub Deluxe.

A new twist on an old classic. A sleek and elegant design, precision engineered to flow through a flue akin to an F1 car on a race track.  An upgrade to 15 strands gives the 600/300mm Super Scrub Deluxe 30 points of cleaning contact. An all-new stranding array makes the strands rigid. In addition, The 600/300 Super Scrub Deluxe uses a row of 300mm strands allowing you to clean a bird guard and keep the head centralised when power sweeping. With the new upgrades, the sweep will be able to feel the flue like with traditional heads when manually pushing a rod to the terminus. Finally, Spin down for an ultra clean sweep.

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