Click 900mm Super Scrub Brush

85.75 Excluding VAT

This 900mm Super Scrub fits onto the Click lock system, allowing you to clean smaller flues while producing the cleanest results possible. This Super Scrub Head/Whip/Brush cleans flues 500mm (20 inches) and larger. This head has one advantage over the Power Brush as it has forward facing Nylons which can dislodge bird nests within steel liners. The heads contain nylon which aids the sweeping of chimneys cleanly. They are six-sided strands which generate flat sides to enhance the cleaning process. As the heads can turn clockwise and anti-clockwise, they can cover chimneys with ease. The 900mm Super Scrub’s Replaceable strands mean the head can last for years, making it more cost-effective than traditional equivalents. Furthermore, you only need a few heads to cover most of your day to day cleaning needs saving you both space and time in choosing the right brush for the job. You no longer need to carry the range of brushes required by the old fashioned hand sweeping method. They also expand to fit the chimney, which ensures the head stays centralised and gives a far larger field of contact. The speed of the drill determines the force generated to clean the chimney. It is always advised to use low speeds in pre-1966 chimneys and always use battery power tools to safeguard yourself.

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